Wilderness Skills Adventure Program

The Bushcraft Adventure Club is an online and at home nature-based learning program for kids ages 7-14


The Bushcraft Adventure Club is a nature-based learning program for kids ages 7-14. Each week club members receive online missions in the form of videos & downloads that are designed to inspire a passion for exploring and engaging with the wild places around them. Through hands-on crafts, projects, challenges, field trips and other exciting adventures – kids work hard to gain new life skills and a sense of appreciation for nature and the outdoors.

Membership is $25/month and includes:

  • Weekly outdoor nature-based learning activities

  • Monthly “Bushcraft Adventures” Newsletter

  • Receive a club patch & bandana in the mail when you join

  • Embroidered patch upon completion of each level

  • Small level guide and sticker set for each skill level

  • Printable certificates after completing each mission & rank

  • Additional parent adventure resource guide

  • A special award for completion of the entire program


When you become a member of the Bushcraft Adventure Club, you'll receive access to your first mission instantly. Each mission includes a printable guide plus a unique video for that task with your adventure guide, Chris. Then, each and every week you will receive new bushcraft and nature activities that cover a wider variety of outdoor skills that include:

  • Outdoor Hazards & Dangerous Wildlife

  • Basic Hiking, Backpacking & Camping Skills

  • Building Forts & Nature Shelters

  • Locating & Purifying Wild Waters

  • Making Fires Using Modern & Ancient Methods

  • Harvesting Wild Foods & Primitive Cooking

  • Using Plants & Trees for Tools, Travel & Medicine

  • Tracking & Viewing Wildlife

  • and so much more...

The weekly missions will continue regardless of whether you complete them. You can also pause your membership in order to catch up on your projects. 


All members begin at the rank of Aspirant. With your white bandana, level guide and sticker sheets you work your way through all the missions and at the end you will earn your patch as your badge of honor for that level. As you rise in the ranks you unlock new missions that come with new bandanas, level guides, sticker sheets & patches.


Each month club members also receive our "Bushcraft Adventures" newsletter that provides an assortment of additional content for our members to enjoy. Seasonal bushcraft activities, projects & crafts, more videos to enjoy, stories of adventure, media mentions, extra missions, our mystery of the month, bushcrafter of the month and a lot more.


What ages is the club designed for? 

The club was designed for kids ages 7-16. But children of any age can participate with their parents' help. You will learn some really cool outdoor skills yourself parents, so we hope you help out often.

Do each of my children need to be a member? 

Nope. One membership can be used by multiple kids. You can watch the videos together, download as many assignment worksheets and certificates as you'd like, and order as many additional patches, stickers, bandanas & level guides as you like. 

How can I find a group near me?

As an online outdoor adventure program, we don't offer aid in starting, supporting or organizing local groups. However, you're free to gather your family, friends, church members and school mates in order to do it together. 

How can I start a group?

The best way to begin a group is to get everyone interested together and begin at the same time. You can have group watch parties and print as many mission worksheets, awards and certificates that you need, all under one account. You can then buy additional patches, bandanas, level guides, stickers & more with a password once you have completed that rank. 

What kind of missions are there to complete?

We offer missions in all categories of outdoor bushcraft skills. Carving. Fire. Shelter. Water. Tools. Tracking. Navigation. Safety. Archery. All of these missions have been created & tested in person at Natureversity Outdoor School in Austin Texas with kids ages 7-12 in mind. All are designed to be achievable by your child... sometimes with the help of an adult. 

How many missions are there for each level?

There are 10 missions in each level. Each rank also increases in difficulty as you progress in the program.

How does my child earn patches? 

Once your child completes all of the missions for the first rank, they will receive a patch of that rank as a badge of honor for completion. At the same time they will receive the next rank’s level guide, sticker sheet & bandana. In addition, you will also receive a password for our shop so that you can order more patches, guides and bandanas. Members can order any amount at any time pending availability.

How long does the program last? 

The Bushcraft Adventure Club has 100 weekly missions from start to finish. You'll get access to one mission per week for the duration of the program. The missions will continue to open up for you each week, even if you do not complete them. However, once you do, you can apply for your patch and your next rank. 

Can I cancel my membership? 

Yes. All you have to do is visit our sign up page once you are logged in. There you can find a cancellation link at the bottom of the page. You can always pick up right where you left off once you rejoin the club. 

Is the program suitable for all regions and bioregions of the US?

Absolutely. You can adapt these missions to any area. For example, when exploring a creek, the creek can be frozen or flowing - even a dry creek offers unique exploration opportunities. An exploring adventure could happen in your backyard, a local, state or even national park, or even a wooded area behind the local store.